Find the answers to fitness and exercise questions. Benefit from the tips that can help you boost your workout effects.

Are you having some serious intentions about exercising? Do you desperately want to enhance your workout routines and options? Can you believe it is actually quite simple? A successful plan includes hgh pills and the three essential elements:

  • Muscle endurance and strength
  • Aerobic fitness
  • Flexibility

How to make these elements work for you? How to know which one is a perfect match for you? So many questions you need answers for. Right?

We can give you all answers you’ve been searching for about an efficient exercising. In addition, we’ll come up with the most suitable fitness program for your personal goals. These tips will show you the right way through the world of fitness and exercises.

Why do we need the BMI?

Can the weight lifters benefit from it?

The BMI (Body Mass Index) tells you how much body fat is in our organism based on a math formula, which includes your weight and height. The BMI is one of the most reliable indicators of your overall health. Yet the BMI has its limitations. People who are extremely muscular or lean may find the BMI results to be confusing and misleading. For example, a bodybuilder who is 5’ 10” tall and with a weight of more than 220 pounds is an overweight category according to the BMI with a body fat percentage above 12. Obviously, this isn’t true. Despite its limitations, the BMI is still able to do an impressive job for our health. You can use it to get a reliable estimate of your potential health risks. Here’s one more catch. You can be classified as an obese or overweight person according to the BMI classification and still be in a good health. How? You may use hgh releaser. Well, if you’re fit there’s nothing to worry about. What’s even more interesting, these people can actually live longer compared to those with normal BMI values, but poor fitness habits. For what is worth, to this day the BMI is one of the most reliable health indicators at our disposal.

Why do we need the BMI

Can aerobic exercises mess up with my weightlifting muscle results?

Imagine a guy who’s training hard for his marathon race. When you’re running so much to prepare properly then you can’t help noticing a muscle mass decrease. The more you exercise, the more obvious it will become.

So, here’s a useful tip. If you have to go through a series of exhausting aerobic exercises and you’re worried about a muscle mass loss there’s a solution. You should try with a series of moderate aerobic exercises no more than 2 to 3 times a week, with no more than 60% of the maximum heart rate.

Should I wait a little bit with my weight training until while losing weight?

No, and no again. Weightlifting can help you achieve both lose some weight and the loss maintenance, in the following ways:

  • Muscles do miracles for your metabolism, including the burning of your fat, calories, and sugar (glucose).
  • When you’re rapidly losing weight, almost ¼ of all the loss can be associated with the muscles. As a result, your metabolism can seriously slow down. Weightlifting can help you solve this problem.
  • Muscles stimulate all aerobic exercises. The more strength you get, the better your aerobic exercise performance will be.
  • Weightlifting can help you end up with more muscle mass and less body fat. Eventually, your fitness levels and overall health will improve.
  • The best way to improve your looks leads through gaining more muscle mass. Right again?
  • The more strength you get, the better you’ll feel about yourself. Don’t worry about the slight weight increase when you begin with your exercises. All the gain is your muscles’ gain. Remember that. read more on

begin with your workouts

How much should I exercise?

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You’ve probably heard about the well-known recommendation that you should wait an hour daily to improve your health and prevent the unwanted weight gain. Here are some additional tips you should also take into consideration:

Before you begin with your workouts, you should spend at least 5 to 10 minutes warming-up properly. Then, you’re good to go with the 30 to 45 minutes of an aerobic activity, such as biking, swimming, dancing, walking, or jogging. Make sure you don’t exercise more than 3 to 4 times a week. Stretching and cooling periods should last ten minutes. When it comes to weightlifting exercises, you should include one set with 10 to 12 repetitions, where each of them includes different exercises for the most important muscle groups.

The surgeons usually recommend at least half an hour of moderate exercises on a daily basis. You can do one set of 30 minutes long exercises, or a couple of short lasting ones (2 X 15 minutes or 3 X 10 minutes). The purpose of this recommendation is quite obvious. It is important to implement and maintain healthy daily habits. That’s the best possibly guarantee you can have for a long and healthy life. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to ensure health to your organism. Just stick to these tips and you’ll be just fine.

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