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You don’t have to exercise too long to achieve your fitness goals. Did you know that you can get powerful and eye-catching biceps in no more than 2 workouts a week with the right moves? Exercise enthusiasts who’re older than 40 and not particularly active should always consult with their doctors prior involving themselves in an exercise routine.

Hammer Curl for Bigger and Stronger Arms

The hammer curl can be a true miracle maker for guys who want to show off their biceps in short sleeves. Position the dumbbells toward your outer thighs. While you’re bending your elbows exhale slowly and deeply. Make sure your elbows are at your side while you’re exercising. Now, raise the dumbbells all the way until you’re able to reach your shoulders. Lower slowly by inhaling slowly and deeply.

Preacher Curl for Bigger and Stronger Arms

If you want to work on your deltoids then the biceps curl can help a lot. Here’s how it works. Put the back of your arm on a support pad. Hold a dumbbell with your palm facing up. Raise the dumbbell slowly and then lowers it to your starting position. Make sure you’re doing it right.

Triceps Pushdown for Bigger and Stronger Arms

Hold the handle with your palms facing down. Your hands should be at least five inches apart. Make sure that your upper arms are positioned near the sides of your chest. Begin exercising with your forearms positioned parallel to the floor. While you’re pushing the cable down make sure your arms are straight. It’s important that your elbows are fully extended. Make pause and slowly repeat the movement.

Bench Press for Bigger and Stronger Chest

This classic exercise influences all of the major chest muscle groups at once. Take the bar with a closed hand and slowly lower it until your feel the touch on your chest. Push back to a starting position while exhaling slowly. You should begin exercising with a half of your body weight and then increase the weight as you become stronger using hgh booster bodybuilding.

Mr. Universe v Buff

Here’s a million dollar question for any fitness enthusiast. What's your right weight? And what about the right number of repetitions? Well, it all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. You should begin with 3 sets from 12 to 20 repetitions for every exercise. As you progress, you should increase the weight and decrease the number of repetitions.

Front Raise for Wider and Stronger Shoulders

You should exercise while seating or standing on an exercise ball or a bench. Hold the weight at your sides. Now, raise one arm straight to the front until you reach the shoulder level. Make sure that your palm is turned toward the floor. Exercising one arm at a time can make it much easier for you to keep your back straight.

Lateral Raise for Wider and Stronger Shoulders

With this exercise, you can hit your deltoids. Begin with the weight by your sides. You should contract your abs and sweep both arms up to your shoulders until you form the "T." Make sure that your elbows are unlocked and arms relaxed. Now, rotate elbows outward with an emphasis on your shoulder muscles. Repeat slowly.

Wide-Grip Pulldown for an Impressive and Tapered Torso

Thanks to this back exercise your waist can look narrower. Sit on the pulldown machine. Now, take the bar wider than shoulder width. Contract your abs while leaning back slightly. Bring the bar down to your upper chest. Make a pause and slowly return the bar to its starting position.

Kettlebell Twist for Powerful Abs

Sit on the floor with knees bent and your heels down. Now, lean back with your back straight. Make sure you engage your abs. Position the kettlebell on the floor by switching from one side to the other.

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